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The Youth Organizing Pod exists to encourage and support Pomona’s young people to develop their social-emotional skills through community building and youth leadership. Our members learn and practice community care, learn political analysis, and develop their leadership and organizing skills to hold the systems around them accountable.

Our north star is for all youth organizers to be in community with other young people and elders that care about them and to feel powerful and confident because of their contributions to the community.


Our pod is anchored by all the youth-led social action groups at Gente which provide community oversight and accountability.


As a means to achieve these goals, we engage in the following initiatives and activities:

Organize the Pomona Students Union (PSU)

Organize Here & Queer (HQ)

Organize PomonaNextGen (PNG)

Support youth in organizing at the city and local school district level

Facilitate youth leadership programs through paid fellowships

Support youth with their visions for community projects and events

Support youth Facilitate youth wellness events their visions for community projects and events

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