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The Movement Building Pod exists to organize leaders across our social action groups, coalitions, and community through organizing campaigns and social media engagement to build an intergenerational movement that builds power by utilizing effective organizing strategies and developing strategic alliances. 

Our north star is for all members to know at least one action they can take to create change in their community and that a majority of our actions are intergenerational.


Our pod is anchored by Pomona Students Union, Padres Unidos de Pomona, Pomona Rising, and Here & Queer which provides community oversight and accountability.


As a means to achieve these goals, we engage in the following initiatives and activities:

Develop and lead campaign strategy for Gente's community organizing campaigns
Host Campaign Strategy Labs
Organize direct actions in the City of Pomona and Pomona Unified School District
Manage social media content creation and strategy
Oversee the Gente Street Team
Participate in coalition campaigns and in coalition/partner meetings
Lead our Pomona voter outreach and engagement efforts
Participate in the Accomplices Collective
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