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The Healing Justice pod exists to embody healing justice in our day-to-day interactions with one another and our community by listening deeply and nurturing agency. Our work aims to address widespread generational trauma from systemic violence and oppression by reviving ancestral healing practices and building new, more inclusive ones so we impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts, and minds. Healing justice is a necessary and vital step for our collective liberation.


Our north star is to ensure that our members feel that they are part of a community and that the spaces and activities we create nurture empathy for communities and identities other than my own.


Our work is anchored by the Pomona Students Union, Padres Unidos de Pomona, Pomona Rising, and Here & Queer.


As a means to achieve these goals, we engage in the following initiatives and activities:

Center Restorative Justice in all of our work, including the facilitation of healing circles and conflict resolution to sustain our people and movement

Work with community members to develop experimental community programming at our youth center and community garden

Manage our mental health services referrals to sustain our youth and parent organizers

Organize healers through the social action group, Pomona Rising

Host Teach-In, Heal-In events that mix political and healing justice education for our community members

Coordinate retreats and celebrations for all of our social action groups and leaders to ensure we give our community their flowers and space to reflect

Strategize and fundraise to resource our non-traditional and decolonial approach to mental health and wellness work

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