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Narrative Change


The Narrative Change Pod focuses on training and empowering members across Gente Organizada’s social action groups to change and control their narratives by equipping them with multimedia tools, skills and strategies for self expression.


Our north star is to ensure that our members feel that they have a voice and have an impact on their community. We do so by developing content that supports all of us in having a clearer understanding of their identity, culture, and family histories. 


Our pod is anchored by the Pomona Students Union, Here & Queer, and Next Gen which provides community oversight and accountability.


As a means to achieve these goals, we engage in the following initiatives and activities:

SEEDS of Pomona Youth-Led Communications
Communications Fellowship Program for Transitional Aged Youth (TAY)
Youth & Parent-Led Multimedia Production (Podcasts, Investigative Journalism, Newsroom Reports, Short Films
Community-Led Art Installations and Exhibitions for Narrative Change
SEEDS Writing and Storytelling Workshops
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