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Gente Organizada is using art to empower youth to change and control the narratives about their communities. 

Investigative Journalism

SEEDS members are tasked with conducting research for the purpose of supplementing their stories with well research data. Members are guided through qualitative and quantitative research methods. The results of this research is added to these video reports in the verbal narrative and/or infographics to educate our viewers.

Social Action Campaign Reports

Our social action groups are always working towards changing and holding systems accountable. SEEDS takes on the role of media support by creating Newsroom Reports and New Breaking Instagram Reels. These reports highlight current developments within Gente Organizada and the City of Pomona (PUSD, City of Pomona, etc). 

Impact Storytelling

Knowing your story is the beginning of a powerful journey. SEEDS' first step in supporting our social action groups in their campaign work starts with diving into our own narratives. Who are we? What life experiences have made us into who we are? Strengthening our self identity allows us to fully engage in the work to transform our communities for the better. 

Community Skill Building

Training and guiding our youth members to learn the process of multimedia storytelling empowers them to tell their stories and control their own narratives. This skill building also allows them to explore possible career aspirations in media production. This support comes in the form of internships, fellowships, community workshops, and more. 

Schools Not Prisons Art by Melanie Andreo

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