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Capital Campaign

Gente Organizada is proud to be Pomona’s home for people power, culture, joy, and hope.

Our new, permanent home is being built by and for the community. Not only are we renovating the building to be safer and more accessible, but we are growing our local community farm and expanding other programs that the new building will make possible.

To bring this vision to life, we need to raise $4 million by the end of the year. We’re already more than 1/4 of the way there. With your support we know we’ll achieve this goal and our bold vision for Pomona.

Let's Build the Pomona of Our Dreams!

The new Gente Youth Center is more than just a place. It is both the fulfillment of one promise to create a dedicated space for families and the beginning of another. The new promise is one we make to each other every day:


To be part of the great work. To change things for the better. To ensure this place is where we begin to build a better, more just world for everyone.


We invite you to be a part of the promise. With your support, we can create a much-needed cornerstone of support and empowerment for working-class families in Pomona.


Please join us in building this place of change.

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To ensure the Gente Youth Center will continue to be a shared community resource for years to come, Gente Organizada is launching Building a Home for Intergenerational Power & Wellness, a three-year capital campaign that will enable Gente to move forward on a community-led renovation project, complete debt reduction, and secure equipment, furniture and other capital assets for the Center.


Campaign objectives include:

  • Conducting a community-led placemaking process that ensures families have a voice in the planning and design of the Center. Funding priorities include conducting community outreach, facilitating planning workshops, and ensuring adequate staff resources to guide and coordinate the placemaking process. Architectural design services will be provided pro bono. 

  • Completing a comprehensive renovation process that prioritizes function, safety and long-term sustainability. In addition to interior and exterior buildouts that meet the objectives set forth in the placemaking process, we will also seek to incorporate green or high-performance building components that are cost-neutral and reduce long-term building costs (e.g., water-efficient fixtures, energy-saving systems). 

  • Securing state-of-the-art equipment — such as computers and video equipment — to ensure Pomona youth have the resources needed to thrive and excel.

  • Paying down the remaining mortgage of the Center, to ensure the Center continues to serve local families for generations to come. 

  • Conducting Youth Development and Family Strengthening programs and workshops that equip students and community members with skills, resources, and knowledge that promote mental and emotional resilience. Programs and workshops will cover a range between developing skill sets such as media training, and leadership, as well as educating residents with the necessary knowledge that covers support, healing, mentoring and well-being. 

  • Purchasing the property next door to create more opportunities for outdoor events and making parking more accessible for our community. 

The Capital Campaign: Building a Home for Intergenerational Power & WELLNESS

Are you ready to make history?! 

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