This report – with a special focus on youth and low-income and immigrant families – was created to both shed light on the inequities faced by Pomona's disadvantaged communities and inform, agitate, and inspire community members to act. Due to systemic oppression, marginalized people in Pomona are often ignored and/or tokenized by the very systems that claim to empower them. Yet, these systems never define how these communities can actually wield their “power”.


The purpose of this report is to motivate more leaders to challenge the fact that 59% of our youth are not reading at grade level. To challenge the fact that our city budget only includes one line item that intentionally is directed towards youth, this line item totals $175,403. And to challenge the fact that our local mental health agency does not currently have a program designed to address migrant-related trauma that is currently paralyzing our community. While this report highlights many statistics, our collective experience is more powerful than the data alone. We are agents of change and organizers who inform these data points with our lived experiences; these narratives can be used to challenge the status quo.


We wish to acknowledge that this report does not fully capture or encompass the current state of our community. However, it does reflect the limited amount of information and data that is available to the public. This report is only a snapshot of our community and should be a conversation starter regarding our collective vision. This report is a living document that will be updated, expanded, and adapted to best fit the needs and interests of the local Pomona community. We consider the creation of this document to be the first of many steps towards an equitable Pomona.


Lastly, we would like to thank the students, parents, activists, and volunteers for their time, energy, and labor that contributed to the creation of this important document. And we proudly credit parent organizers from our social action group, Padres Unidos de Pomona, for their visionary leadership that directed the creation of the Gente de Pomona Equity Report.


In solidarity,


The Gente Board of Directors


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